Important Quests

Important Quests

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. Skill Quests
  3. Stats, Attributes & Resistances
  4. Item Quest rewards
  5. Summary


In Diablo 2 Resurrected there are specific Important Quests that every Character should complete to increase their power. Out of the 27 Quests, 12 Quests must be completed to progress through the game. The remaining 15 Quests are side Quests with varying degrees of importance.

Skill Quests

There are 3 Quests that permanently grant your Character additional Skill Points. Completing these Important Quests in all 3 difficulties results in a total of 12 Skill Points which greatly increase the power of your Characters.

Den of Evil (+1 Skill Point)

The objective of this Quest is to kill every monster in the Den of Evil which is located in Blood Moor just outside the Rogue Encampment in Act 1. Akara rewards you with an additional Skill Point and the ability to Reset your Stats and Skill Points, once per difficulty.

In Hell difficulty you'll face monsters that are Immune to Cold and monsters that are Immune to Fire. If you are using these Elements, you need a Mercenary or party members that can deal with them.

Radaments Lair (+1 Skill Points)

The objective of this Quest is to kill Radament who resides in Sewers Level 3 underneath Lut Gholein in Act 2. He drops a Book of Skill when killed. Completing the Quest also reduces vendor prices in Act 2.

In Nightmare and Hell Radament has a tendency to spawn Immune to Cold, caused by his natural 60% Cold Resistance and additional Elite Affixes. In Hell, he is often Immune to Physical due to his base 50% Physical Resistances.

Izual (+2 Skill Points)

The objective of this Quest is to kill Izual who resides in the Plains of Despair in Act 5. Return to Tyrael after to receive 2 additional Skill Points for your Character.

While Izual is never Immune to any damage type, he has a high Life pool and has 30% Resistances against all damage types. This can lead to a drawn out fight against him in which he uses his Frost Nova attack frequently.

Beware of Burning Souls in this area, especially in Nightmare and Hell. They deal significant amounts of Lightning Damage.

Stats, Attributes and Resistances

There are 3 Quests that permanently grant your Character additional Life, Stat Points, and Resistances. Completing these Important Quests in all 3 difficulties results in additional 60 Life, 15 Stat Points, and 30 to All Resistances (except Magic and Physical). These are essential for survivability, especially for Hardcore Characters.

The Golden Bird (+20 to Life)

The objective of this Quest is to retrieve The Jade Figurine from random Elite Groups in Act 3. Pick it up, talk to Meshif and then to Alkor, who gives you Potion of Life. This Potion permanently grants your Character 20 maximum Life, summing up to 60 when completed in all 3 difficulties.
Note: You might have to talk to Alkor multiple times to receive the Potion!

Lam Esen's Tome (+5 Stat Points)

The objective of this Quest is to retrieve Lam Esen's Tome from a pedestal in the Ruined Temple in Kurast Bazaar in Act 3, and bring it to Alkor. He permanently grants you 5 additional Stat Points that are available in your Attributes Screen right away, summing up to 15 additional Stat Points when completed in all difficulties.

Prison of Ice (All Resistances +10)

The objective of this Quest is to free Anya from her icy prison in the Frozen River within the Crystalline Passage in Act 5. Return to Harrogath and talk to Malah who gives you malah's Potion. Go back to the Frozen River and click Anya one more time. After a short animation, Anya is free and returns to Harrogath. Talk to Malah again and receive the Scroll of Resistance which permanently grants All Resistances +10 (DOES NOT apply to Magic, and Physical Resistance!).

Note: If someone else talks to Malah after you talked to Anya in her prison, they receive malah's Potion.

Item Quest Rewards

These Quests don't have an immediate effect on your Character's Stats and Skill Points. When used correctly, they have a chance to give powerful items that can drastically improve your gear.

Tools of the Trade (Imbue Item)

The objective of this Quest is to retrieve the Horadric Malus which hangs in a stand next to The Smith in the Barracks in Act 1. Return it to Charsi, and she offers to imbue a Base Item of your choice, turning it into a Rare Item. To acquire the Horadric Malus the Character needs to be at least Level 8. The Item created has an Item Level = Character Level +4.

This Quest reward has a small chance of creating amazing items and is frequently used to imbue:

  • Diadems (Can have all Affixes at Character Level 8)
  • Circlets, Coronets
  • Druid Pelts
  • Primal Helmets
  • Belt
  • Boots

Hell's Forge (Rune Quest)

The objective of this Quest is to destroy Mephisto's Soulstone on The Hellforge which is located on a pedestal in the River of Flame between the Waypoint and the Entrance. You need to kill Hephasto the Armorer, who is located next to the Hellforge and drops the Hell Forge Hammer. If you did not pick up mephisto’ssoulstone on Mephisto’s death, Deckard Cain gives you one if you talk to him in Act 4.

Reward 1: A random regular, two random Flawless, and one random Perfect Gem.
Reward 2: A random Rune between El Rune and Sol Rune in Normal.
Reward 2: A random Rune between Sol Rune and Um Rune in Nightmare.
Reward 2: A random Rune between Hel Rune and Gul Rune in Hell.

Note: While the reward in Normal can be strong in the early game, the high Runes in Nightmare and Hell have some trade value and are frequently used as payment for rushing a Character through that difficulty.

Siege of Harrogath (Socket Item)

The objective of this Quest is to kill Shenk the Overseer at the end of the Bloody Foothills just outside Harrogath in Act 5. Return to Harrogath and Larzuk offers to put Sockets into an item of your choosing:

  • Base Items receive their maximum possible number of Sockets which depend on their Item Levels:
    • Example: A Crystal Sword from The Secret Cow Level can get a maximum of 4 Sockets because of its Item Level being between 26 and 40. Any Crystal Sword with an Item Level > than 40 receives 6 Sockets.
    • Example 2: Any Monarch always receives 4 Sockets.
  • Magic Items receive 1-2 Sockets (random).
  • Rare, Crafted, Set, and Unique Items receive 1 Socket.

Rescue on Mount Arreat (Ral Rune + Ort Rune + Tal Rune)

The objective of this Quest is to save 15 Barbarians from cages in the Frigid Highlands in Act 5. Qual-Kehk gifts the Runes required for Ancient's Pledge (Ral Rune + Ort Rune + Tal Rune). This is very strong for every Character in the early game. In Nightmare and Hell, this Quest is a fast way to acquire these specific Runes for Runewords and Horadric Cube recipes.

Prison of Ice (Character specific Rare Item)

In addition to the Resistances mentioned above, Anya gives you a Character specific Rare Item. The Item Level of this Rare Item = Character Level and can sometimes be a very strong upgrade for your Character. Especially Barbarians, and Druids can benefit from a lucky roll.


  • Complete all Important Quests, like Skills, Attribute, and Resistances on your Characters to increase their overall power, especially for Hardcore.
  • Utilize the Item related Quests rewards to your advantage. Be aware of the MASSIVE RNG factor behind Imbuing and the Anya item reward. In most cases, these rewards result in unusable items!
  • The Socket Quest is the most valuable Item related Quest reward, allowing you to target specific socketed Items for your early and end-game Runewords.

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